Currently Enrolling Studies

Our mission is to provide the best possible care for people with food allergies through multidisciplinary care and research. Please bear in mind that the following studies are just that: they are studies because the therapy offered is not yet proven.

The following studies are now or will soon be open to enrollment at our center:

  • Treatment of Milk Allergy in Infants
    • RAMP (MGH; phase 2. For infants with milk allergy)
  • Peanut Immunotherapy
    • RAMSES (Aimmune; phase 3. For children and adults with peanut allergy)
    • REALISE (DBV; phase 3. For children 4-11 years with peanut allergy)
    • Ara-LAMP-vax (Astellas; phase 1. For adults with peanut allergy)

To be in a candidate pool for screening, please email


last updated: March 19, 2017